Perforated eardrum

A perforated eardum is a hole or tear in the eardrum. A hole in the eardrum can be caused by:

  • one or several episodes of acute otitis;
  • a very loud noise (firework, explosion, etc.);
  • a blow to the head (slap, etc.)
  • rapid changes in pressure (diving, etc.);
  • cleaning the ear with cotton bud or sharp objects.


Symptoms include:

  • hearing loss;
  • in some cases, discharge from the ear or noises (buzzing in the ear).

A perforated eardrum is diagnosed by exploring the ear with a microscope, in addition to carrying out a hearing test.


Treatment will depend on the size of the hole. If it is small, we will wait six months to see whether it closes by itself. If the tear if big, or if it small but will not close up, we will close it by inserting a skin graft. This procedure is known as a myringoplasty or tympanoplasty.