Location of the tonsils

Tonsil reduction

Tonsil reduction with laser

Child's breathing before and after tonsil reduction with laser and adenoid removal


They are two clusters of tissue with an immune function, called lymphoid tissue, which are located on the right and left at the back of the throat.

What is their function?

They produce immune proteins called antibodies, and the quantity of antibodies they produce always remains the same, regardless of their size.

What diseases are the tonsils prone to be affected by?

  • Recurrent infections, either tonsillitis accompanied by fever and/or pus deposits. Their treatment (by means of medication or surgery) depends on each individual case.
  • Excessive enlargement. Enlargement of the tonsils can cause several problems: snoring during sleep, dental problems, hyperactivity, etc.

How are they treated?

In children affected by snoring, the problem is easily solved by reducing the size of the tonsils by means of a laser. During the same procedure, the adenoids are removed. The key benefits of reducing the tonsils by means of a laser are:

  • The procedure is painless.
  • There will be no bleeding, a complication which occurs in 6.7% of all tonsil removal procedures performed using the conventional technique.
  • A small portion of the tonsillitis tissue is preserved in order to maintain the function of the tonsils, i.e. the production of immune proteins.
  • This procedure can be performed in patients of any age, even in small children.
  • Patients are required to stay at the hospital for just a few hours.
  • Within a maximum of 72 hours, patients will be able to breathe normally, without snoring, sweating and awkward positions.

Once the enlargement of the tonsils and adenoids has been corrected (using the tonsil laser), patients will be able to breathe normally within a maximum of 72 hours, without snoring, sweating or awkward positions.

Snoring in children

Dr Jordi Coromina and Dr Eduard Estivill have published a book entitled "El niño roncador. El niño con síndrome de apnea obstructiva del sueño" ("Snoring in children. Children with obstructive sleep apnoea syndrome") (Download in Spanish), in which they describe this pathology as well as the advances in its treatment by means of a laser.

Tonsil reduction with radiofrequency treatment

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