Ventajas de la cirugía láser amigdalar

Nasal obstruction

Nasal endoscopy

What is a laser? What are its benefits?

The CO2 laser is an artificially generated light which enables high-precision cutting and supports coagulation. It allows doctors to focus the full amount of energy on a single point and acts as a true "light scalpel".

The Otorhinolaryngology Unit is equipped with the cutting edge technology required for laser procedures in the different otorhinolaryngological fields.

Benefits of laser procedures in otorhinolaryngology

  • Shortening or avoidance of hospital stays.
  • Minimisation of surgical damage.
  • Minimisation of bleeding during surgery.
  • No or less postoperative pain.
  • Accelerated scar formation.

What are the otorhinolaryngological applications of lasers?

For more information, please visit the following sections: Tonsils, Adenoids, Nasal obstruction, Cancers of the head and throat and Halitosis, and refer to the book "El niño roncador", referenced in the Tonsils and Adenoids sections.

Reducción amigdalas láser

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