More than 25% of people suffer from halitosis, a disorder with a huge psychosocial impact that conditions the social, personal and workplace relationships of those suffering from it. Sometimes it even leads to social isolation due to the insecurity and rejection it causes in some people.

Bad breath can have 80 different causes, and it can also be the symptom of an undiagnosed problem. This is why it is essential to tackle it from a multidisciplinary standpoint. Teknon’s Medical Unit for Halitosisz offers a multidisciplinary team that is highly qualified within the different medical specialities (gastroenterology, otolaryngology, internal medicine, etc.). Its goal is to bring together the most comprehensive study and treatment of halitosis into a single unit in a bid to find the most effective treatment.

Teknon’s Medical Unit for Halitosis is led by two specialists in halitosis: Dr Jonas Nunes, director of the Breath Institute and head of the Medical Unit for Halitosis; and Dr Jordi Coromina, director of the Otolaryngology Unit and co-director of the Medical Unit for Halitosis.


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